It Seems Counter-Intuitive to Eat Fat to Lose Fat!

Fat is an essential part of healthy eating and you can use dietary fat (with or without protein) to balance those carbohydrates. By using the Balance Factor (BF), any food you chose to eat can be brought close to a BF of 0 or less (if you so choose) by simply adding a healthy fat such as cheese, nuts, dark chocolate or dips.

Eating healthy fat will help your body know when it’s full and keep blood sugars stable. Eating carbs alone will cause endless fluctuations in blood sugar and appetite. Combining fats and/or protein with carbohydrates, therefore, lets the body consume good carbohydrates with less of an impact on blood sugars.

By balancing your meals close to a BF of 0 or less, your body will begin telling you when you have had enough. The addictive centre in the brain naturally tempers when blood sugars stabilize and your desire to eat that ‘whole’ chocolate bar will no longer overtake you.

Dieting by restricting your calories and resisting the foods you crave triggers a normal hunger response. Eventually your body needs calories and carbohydrates! There is little you can do to turn off the starvation response other than to watch your body gain back the weight… and then some.

Eat healthy fats to regain control over every aspect of your body. Your cholesterol levels and blood sugar will stabilize, your clothes will fit better, and your control over food will empower you to be the best you can be.

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