Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)


Basal Metabolic Rate, fondly known as BMR, is one of those scientific discoveries (circa 1770’s) that has stood the test of time.  Simply put, it is the rate at which the body functions at rest, in a warm environment, and after at least 12 hours of not eating.  It is so important to good health that it gets its own category at 4 the Luv of Food Café.

Each blog entry on this page will help you understand what we know about metabolism and how you can maximize your BMR to help your body be the best it can be.  The more you know, the more you can fine tune your eating style to give your metabolism a boost and keep that BMR from decreasing naturally with age.   Grab a drink, get cozy, and start the journey on the road to improving your metabolism.

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