The Balance Factor

Your secret weapon to becoming a lean, fat burning machine!

The Balance Factor will:


It's the label that...

  • lets food speak for itself,
  • makes the healthier choice obvious,
  • shows how every food can be part of a balanced meal,
  • simplifies the shopping experience significantly, and
  • aligns the food producer with the consumer’s needs.

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Sustaining a healthy eating style can be so easy! Explore some our favourite simple and balanced meals.

About The Balance factor

The Balance Factor is a simple tool that identifies the nutrient content in a food or meal to help people eat their ideal amount and balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Why is this so important and the key to a healthy and sustainable eating plan?
Because it’s being CONSISTENT with your calories and the ratio of the nutrients – Carbohydrates to Proteins and Fats – that matters!

Knowing the balance of carbohydrates to proteins and fats in the foods or meals you eat, means knowing how your body will react and what it will do with those nutrients. 

By using the Balance Factor, you can instantly identify a food that is high or low in a macronutrient or whether the food is a balance of the three macronutrients. Our ancestors knew the value of food. Through instincts, culture and traditions, they knew what food to eat, why to eat it, when to eat it, what to eat it with, and how to eat it. Our generation has lost this knowledge – and the way to get it back is to learn the value of food by using the Balance Factor.

The Balance Factor tool is built into our free apps, The Balance Factor and Balance Factor Food Lover. These apps will help your body optimize its energy balance by making sure you eat the right amount of calories (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) to burn excess body fat and lean you down.

Stop the fluctuating weight game, curb your cravings, and eat the foods you wish to eat. Keeping YOUR calories and YOUR ratio of macronutrients CONSISTENT is the key to getting your body to comfortably burn body fat until you get to your desired size.

Make the Balance Factor part of your every day by using The Balance Factor app.

Meet Shannon Clark (BSc. P.T.)

Catalyzed by 12+ years of experience as a Physiotherapist treating diabetic patients, Shannon has committed the past 10 years to developing a simple and effective tool for everyone to manage their blood sugar and reduce risks of obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes. Shannon has coached individuals, taught corporate and community groups, and consulted with healthcare professionals on the Balance Factor concept that she developed. With her commitment to the scientific method and her focus on simple, sustainable solutions, Shannon has helped hundreds of people achieve dramatic improvements in how they feel, look, and function by using the Balance Factor.

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