The Balance Factor Playbook

The Balance Factor© Playbook

The Balance Factor© Playbook navigates you through 8 simple steps to help you stay consistent with a healthy eating style that is ideal for you! Each step is personalized by using short questionnaires guiding you to choose identifiable components (bolded below) to create your own customized Balance Factor© Playbook. This unique playbook uses specialized features of The Balance Factor©App to help you focus on the individualized components that are the foundation behind keeping you and your body happy as you return to your ideal size.

Questionnaires for Steps 1 and 2 help you identify Roadblocks and adverse Mindsets to gain an understanding of why the body fails to respond to century-old dieting dogma. You will learn that there is an ideal environment necessary for the body to sustain a healthy eating style before permanent results can be achieved. A healthy eating style is one that keeps you AND your body happy and happens when the body consumes enough macronutrient-balanced calories to optimize metabolism; an approach that stabilizes blood sugar and optimizes ‘metabolic flexibility’ to use body fat as a fuel source.

Step 3’s questionnaire will guide you to choose an Identity. This helps focus your efforts on the healthy eating style that lets your body effortlessly burn body fat. Step 4’s questionnaire helps you choose Immediate Success Measures to ensure you are going in the right direction. You will then choose from the Outcome Indicators questionnaire in Step 5 to accurately measure your progress.

The final questionnaire in Step 6 of the Balance Factor© Program involves Troubleshooting. This step leads you through anticipating challenges that might increase your risk of returning to your former eating style. The troubleshooting option you choose will equip you with sustaining strategies to help you stay the course.

Each step of the program can be accomplished within a couple of days OR over a few weeks. The time it takes to achieve a sustainable and healthy eating style depends on how quickly you can track your meals and find your ideal ratio of carbohydrates to fats and proteins. Moving forward to the next step occurs once you can confidently use The Balance Factor© App features developed specifically for that component. Each feature builds onto itself as you focus on reaching your Caloric Goal and find the Balance Factor© that you and your body love until you reach your ideal size. There is no maintenance plan because your eating style is customized for you right from the start!

The Balance Factor© Playbook includes an introduction of the Balance Factor© Program, explanations and strategies for each component, visual instructions for using specific features in the Balance Factor© App to successfully navigate the program, and two checkpoints (Step 7 and 8) to keep you on track (at the pace you wish to go!). Checkpoints at approximately 8 and 12 weeks help you confirm progress using the “Fat Burning Check List” and the “Healthy Eating Strategy Check List”. These checkpoints use outcome indicators and (for members) the Balance Factor’s© Progress Program to record progress and graph your results.

Of course, if you need some one-on-one support, reach out to us below! We’d be happy to walk you through your Balance Factor© Playbook and get you back to the eating style that you love and can depend on to optimize your health for the rest of your life!

Step 2: Mindset

What prevents you from sustaining a healthy eating style? (Ex. habit, belief, mindset, issue)

• Identify the “what” and reset it –
• Understand the “what” and know the science –
• Be aware of the “what” and use over-riding strategies – Ask yourself…
• Control the “what” and act on it –
• Balance Factor App Features – 

Mindset: Examples of “What” prevents the sustaining of a healthy eating style.

Mindset 1 – Doubting Thomas: “How can fat burning be all about the food ‘ratio’ and not about the food itself?”
Mindset 2 – Eating is a Low Priority: “I skip meals because I’m just too busy.”
Mindset 3 – No Willpower: “I can’t stop eating once I have started.”
Mindset 4 – Eat Less Exercise More: “I just have to do better at dieting and exercising.”
Mindset 5 – Meals Aren’t Important: It’s just easier to pick or eat all my calories at once.”
Mindset 6 – But I’m Different: “It won’t work for me!” (See below!)
Mindset 7 – All or Nothing: “I blew it! I’ll just start again tomorrow.”
Mindset 8 – Just Tell me What to Eat: “I just don’t like to cook or plan ahead. Sometimes I wish I could just a take a pill instead.”
Mindset 9 – Allergic to Everything: “I have an underlying condition and can only eat from limited food groups.”
Mindset 10 – Low Carb: “Don’t I need to eat low carbohydrate meals to lose weight?”
Mindset 11 – Healthy Eating is Expensive: “I’m on a limited income and can’t afford healthy foods.”
Mindset 12 – No Adverse Mindset? Here’s some more information on healthy eating styles!

Mindset #6 Strategy

Mindset 6 – But I’m Different: “It won’t work for me!”

Understand how cognitive dissonance traps you in a self-sabotaging cycle – 

Believing that you are different from everyone else who has been successful with sustaining a healthy eating style boils down to “cognitive dissonance”. Cognitive dissonance is a behaviour mechanism that helps you deal with an uncomfortable truth. This could manifest as a response to failing at a diet that your colleague / friend / partner has been hugely successful with. Instead of investigating why you failed to reap the same rewards as them, perhaps you quickly surrendered and attributed it to something that was out of your control. “It just won’t work for me!” you concluded.

The “But I’m Different” mindset results in you ignoring your roadblock. Without acknowledging what you needed to do differently from your colleague / friend / partner, you followed a journey that wasn’t yours to follow. Body metrics (e.g., age, type, height, weight), genetics, energy levels, and food likes / dislikes all determine your individually unique Caloric Need and ideal macronutrient ratio for consumption. If you were using someone else’s Caloric Need and macronutrient ratio, you would have hit a roadblock that wasn’t uniquely yours. 

Your body requires an ideal environment and the metabolic flexibility to sustain a healthy eating style for you to be your ideal size. This is accomplished by simply knowing the calories needed to optimize your metabolism and the ratio of carbohydrates to fats and proteins that your body thrives on. You may be different from everyone else on the planet, but your ability to achieve a sustainable healthy eating style is the same as anyone else’s. Take the time to listen to your body and decide if how you are eating at this moment is truly meeting your needs and addressing your roadblocks.
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Be aware of the “what” and use overriding strategies. Ask yourself:

1) Am I trying to follow someone else’s eating style? Or am I focused on my own?
2) Am I listening to my body’s cues when it tells me I am hungry or tired or had enough to eat?
3) Am I addressing MY roadblock? Or am I avoiding it by trying to convince myself that I don’t have one?

Be aware of the “what” and use overriding strategies. Ask yourself:

Spread your calorie consumption out over the course of the day; add a snack to prevent too many calories at one meal.

Providing your body with enough calories to sustain itself vastly improves sense of wellness, weight management, and sleep quality.

Decide at every meal how much of each macronutrient leaves you comfortable and satiated until your next meal.

There are 8 billion diets in this world because there are 8 billion people. No two people eat the same or should eat the same. Your new mindset should not be ‘But I’m Different’ but rather ‘I’m Different So I Need to Eat My Way’.

Maintenance Fat Burning
Maintenance / Fat Burning:

Use the ‘Maintenance / Fat Burning’ feature on the Profile screen by tapping the three dots on the home screen. This will help you determine your Caloric Goal and/or Caloric Need for your desired goal.*

Make a Meal
Make a Meal:

Use the ‘Make a Meal’ feature in the My Pantry program to make the meals you love to eat and ensure they are a balance of the macronutrients.

Calories and BF
Calculate Calories & BF:

Tap multiple meals on the My Pantry: Meals screen then tap ‘Add to Today’s Tracking’. This quickly calculates your Calories and BF for the day.

Daily Tracking
Daily Tracking:

Use the Calorie Board in the Daily Tracking program to ensure you are eating enough balanced calories every day to give your body the metabolic flexibility it needs to burn excess body fat.

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*If you have minimal body fat to lose, choose the Maintenance option and stay within a 100-calorie deficit of your Caloric Goal or, on ‘active’ days, aim to hit your Caloric Goal. This will keep your body in a calorie deficit but not one that is so great, it compromises your ability to burn body fat.

Note: Once you have entered your start weight, DO NOT change that weight unless you are advised to do so. Your Caloric Goal and Caloric Need in the Fat Burning setting will eventually reach an equilibrium when you have burned enough body fat to reach your goal.
Your Caloric Goal is “the number of calories necessary to sustain you” and your body will only slow itself down and stop the fat burning process if you lower your Caloric Goal below what your body requires.

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