The Balance Factor Program

The Balance Factor© Program

Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t stick to your diet? Or wondered what mindset it takes to successfully manage your weight? You are not alone! Dieting is hard because it entails trying to conform to someone else’s eating plan while using willpower to ignore your body’s natural demands. 

A more effective approach than dieting to sustain a healthy eating style and reduce body size, inflammation, and risk of disease requires combining self-awareness of the body’s needs with being consistent in meeting its caloric and carbohydrate requirements. 

The Balance Factor© program encompasses this more effective approach. It was created to help you find and sustain a healthy eating style that allows you to achieve your ideal size and meet your health goals.

The Balance Factor© program uses 8 simple steps and an interactive app to get and keep you on track. Each step guides you to choose identifiable components that are assembled into a Balance Factor© Playbook. This unique playbook uses specialized features of The Balance Factor© App to EDUCATE, ALIGN, FOCUS, MOTIVATE, REASSURE, AND SUSTAIN you through the individualized components of the Balance Factor© program.

  • Steps 1 and 2 help you identify your Roadblocks and adverse Mindsets to gain an understanding of why your body fails to respond to century-old dieting dogma. These steps EDUCATE and ALIGN you towards an approach to eating that stabilizes blood sugar and optimizes ‘metabolic flexibility’ to use body fat as a fuel source. 
  • Step 3 guides you to choose an Identity. This helps FOCUS your efforts on an eating strategy that encourages your body to effortlessly burn body fat. 
  • Step 4 helps you choose Immediate Success Measures that MOTIVATE and drive your behaviour towards your ideal outcome. 
  • Step 5 guides you to choose from the Outcome Indicators to accurately MEASURE progress.
  • Step 6 encourages you to Troubleshoot by choosing an option that helps SUSTAIN you throughout the course. 
  • Steps 7 and 8 are checkpoints to keep you on track until you reach your ideal size. At approximately 8 and 12 weeks, you confirm your progress using the “Fat Burning Check List” and the “Healthy Eating Strategy Check List”. These checkpoints use outcome indicators and (for members) the Balance Factor© Progress Program to record progress and graph your results.

Moving forward through the steps requires using The Balance Factor© app features developed specifically for that component. Each feature builds onto itself as you focus on your Caloric Goal and the Balance Factor© that will get you to your ideal size. You can work through the components at a pace that works for YOU!

As our client testimonials suggest, the Balance Factor© program is as unique as you are. It is a way of eating that entails much more than returning to your ideal size; it unlocks what it takes for YOU to get into the right mindset to sustain a healthy eating style that is ideal for YOU!

Enjoy the journey! Enjoy your food! Enjoy your “new look” on life

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