The Balance Factor FAQ

The Balance Factor Program focusses on improving health by reducing excess body fat. Restoring your natural shape by ensuring you eat enough calories and keeping your blood sugar stable with a CONSISTENT ratio of your favourite macronutrients is what separates the Balance Factor Program from weight loss programs.

The Balance Factor Program epitomizes the individualized approach to fat burning! By simply tracking your meals, the Balance Factor App graphs YOUR daily “Caloric Intake” and YOUR “Ratio of Nutrients”. This information reveals CALORIE and CARBOHYDRATE CONSISTENCY and identifies areas where you can make small changes that result in big outcomes. The Balance Factor Playbook lets you choose the path you most identify with for overcoming your roadblocks to sustain a healthy eating style. For individualized help, we’ve added a support feature for contacting our team plus options for sending your graphs for insights and suggestions.

Yes, but only until you get your healthy eating style under your belt. The Balance Factor App is an educational app intended to identify your shortfalls when trying to achieve a sustainable eating plan. It was not developed for you to become dependent on it. The app’s many features are used independently and specifically to help you overcome your unique roadblocks. However, by using the quick track ‘Add a Meal’ and ‘Create a Meal’ features and automatic ‘Meal Planning’, daily tracking is not only instant but instantly gratifying knowing you are CONSISTENTLY hitting your Calorie and Balance Factor (BF) goals!

Results from fat burning happen almost immediately. Most Balance Factor Program users experience reduced anxiety around food, improved bowel movements, less bloating, less water retention, and sustained energy in the first one to two weeks. You’ll start feeling better right away and see physical changes and reductions in body size when you start overcoming your roadblocks and CONSISTENTLY hitting your Caloric Goal and ideal Balance Factor.

Having a membership unlocks the features in the app that optimize your success with burning body fat. These include:
  • A ‘Send Us Your Graphs’ feature to get individual feedback and help on optimizing your healthy eating style. 
  • Barcode scanners to scan your foods into the app to make instantly balanced meals, 
  •  A barcode scanner to compare foods at the grocery store without requiring internet or Wifi services, 
  •  Individualized weekly meal plans that automatically track your calories and Balance Factors, 
  •  A Progress program to graph your Waist to Hip / Waist to Height ratios, girth measurements, and pant size reductions,
  • A Trend program to help you record and improve Sleep, Anxiety, and Pain/Inflammation issues.
  • An emoji feature on your calendar to record immediate success indicators, 
  •  and more… 

No. Let me repeat that…No, there is no maintenance program! The meals you make and use to burn body fat will be the ones you use to sustain your healthy eating style because you LOVE to eat them! By burning body fat, you reduce your size faster than you lose weight!!! This lets your body stay in a comfortable calorie deficit long enough to let you get to your ideal size without having to adjust your meal plan! (Losing weight too quickly is a recipe for disaster when the only thing left to do is lower your calories again!)

The Balance Factor is a mathematical equation based on the nutritional recommendations of Canada’s Food Guide and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. It identifies the calorie ratio of carbohydrates to proteins and fats for any food or meal. Knowing that a Balance Factor (BF) of 0 falls within the food guide’s recommendations helps you determine if your body thrives on foods/meals with a higher ratio of carbohydrates (BF >0) or a lower ratio of carbohydrates (BF <0). The Balance Factor App uses weighted calculations from a food’s nutrition facts to identify your body’s ideal Balance Factor, as you track and eat your favourite meals.

By CONSISTENTLY reaching your Caloric Goal and keeping your meals within your ideal Balance Factor range, your body can meet its nutritional requirements to optimize your health and reduce your risk of metabolic disease. Just helping stabilize blood sugars can improve insulin sensitivity and help prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.

Any diet works since the Balance Factor Program focusses on the “balance” or ratio of nutrients you are eating rather than the type of nutrients – grains vs dairy vs meat! The Balance Factor Program ensures you are meeting your nutritional requirements, therefore, whatever foods you choose to accomplish this with, is entirely up to you!

The Balance Factor app uses “Immediate Success Measures” and “Outcome Indicators” to guide you towards a healthy eating style.
  1.  Your Caloric Goal indicator changes from red to yellow to green to let you know you are eating the right number of calories each day. The app gives you “Daily Calories Burned” and “Weekly Calories Burned” each time you track your meals.
  2.  Your Daily Tracker program has an emoji feature that uses “Fat Burning” indicators to let you record your successes. 
  3.  The Calendar program displays your Caloric Goal achievements plus your “Fat Burning” indicators to reinforce your success with the program. 
  4.  The Balance Factor Playbook helps you identify the “Immediate Success Measures” and “Outcome Indicators” that you will choose to help you stay the course and reach your desired goal. 
  5.  The Balance Factor graphs use coloured zones to ensure you are eating a CONSISTENT number of calories and maintaining an ideal Balance Factor. 
  6.  The Balance Factor Progress program graphs your progress on reducing Waist to Hip/Height ratios and girth measurements.

The Balance Factor team expects you to have questions about the fat burning process. On the Home screen of The Balance Factor App, you will find a ‘Support’ button where you can email us your questions with an option to send us your eating summary, if you’ve been tracking. There is also a “Send Us Your Graphs” feature on the How Am I Doing? screen to help us give you some insight on how you can tweak your eating to give your body the ideal environment to burn body fat!

The Balance Factor Program has a “Fasting” feature on the Daily Tracking screen to help those who choose to Intermittent Fast! The Balance Factor Playbook has an option to use the “Faster’s Identity” to overcome roadblocks and mindsets with not being able to sustain a healthy eating style. Intermittent fasting is just one of the many “Identities” the Balance Factor Playbook suggests to help you get to your ideal size!

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