What to Expect from Using the Balance Factor

Week 1 / Week 2 – Metabolism Adjustment

  • Adjust your calories to meet your Caloric Goal. It may take two to three weeks (or longer) to feel comfortable increasing your calories to reach your daily caloric goal and start the fat burning process. Don’t rush this process. Balance all your meals using the Balance Factor.
  • Let your metabolism increase naturally as you start to eat meals with a Balance Factor around 0 or less to support your true BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). 
  • Keep in mind, your Caloric Goal is 500 calories less than your Caloric Need so you are always eating less calories than your body is burning.
  • Weight loss (from water loss) begins.

Week 2 / Week 3 – Recovering Appetite Control

  • By Week 2, eating has become a guiltless pleasure. Your body is signalling hunger but cravings and senseless snacking are gone. Meeting your Caloric Goal for the day means you can comfortably fast 12 hours throughout the night. The nightly 12 hr fast is a key component to fat burning.
  • By Week 3, normal body functions are improving. Regularity, stable energy levels, and improved sleep are functions that can be restored with balancing macronutrients and increasing metabolism. Watch for improved digestion due to the bowels moving food on a regular basis, less cravings for carbohydrates as blood sugars stabilize, and better sleep quality when the “Dawning Effect” is working properly with 12 hour fasting.
  • Weight loss (from water loss) continues.

Week 3 / Week 4 – Fat Loss Begins

  • By Week 3, your metabolism has increased due to your consistent food intake. You also may find yourself very dependent on water (and maybe needing to gulp a couple of glasses occasionally from unusual thirst). You are giving the body permission to burn up to 500 calories of stored body fat per day and it needs that water to hydrate the old fat in order to burn it.
  • Fat burning begins as the weight loss from water loss stops. The liver’s excess fuel source of glucose and water has been shed and the body is beginning to immobilize body fat.  (Check out ‘Weight Loss vs Fat Loss’ blog)
  • By Weeks 3 and 4, there are significant measurable differences in your girth/body size. This reassures you that you are able to sustain the fat burning process as you continue to choose foods and meals that are balanced and that meet your caloric goal.
  • Measuring Success: Measure yourself monthly with a pair of jeans or a shirt that you were wearing when you started the Balance Factor program. Remember: Fat loss is permanent. It just takes balanced eating and a good metabolism when you eat enough!

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