What sets the Balance Factor App Apart from All the other Nutrition Apps?

What sets the Balance Factor app apart from all the other nutrition apps?

  1. You don’t have to guess what your body’s daily macronutrient breakdown is!

With the Balance Factor App, there is no guessing as to what % of carbs, proteins, and fats are necessary to stay healthy. When you start using the Balance Factor, your body will let you know! Your body needs full flexibility (especially with proteins and fats) to make what it requires, so setting random and limiting breakdowns becomes a recipe for disaster.

The Balance Factor starts you eating your carbohydrates within the acceptable range that Canada’s Food Guide recommends. This guides you towards the right amount of fat, protein, and fibre in order to find the Balance Factor that works for YOU!

  1. The Balance Factor App focusses on PERMANENT fat loss!

The Balance Factor App calculates your Caloric Need (how many balanced calories your body requires) as well as your Caloric Goal, which starts at 500 calories less than your Caloric Need. If burning fat is what you’re after, eating at your Caloric Goal puts your body in a comfortable state where it’s giving up calories from stored fat every day. That’s the fat burning zone! 

Guessing your “dream” weight, deciding on how many pounds you wish to lose per week and making weight loss the goal often results in a daily caloric intake that is way too low for what your body actually requires.

  1. With the Balance Factor app, the nutrition info ALWAYS comes from the actual Nutrition Facts Label.

The barcodes in the Balance Factor App scanner give you the exact information you’ll find on the Nutrition Facts Label. The database is NEVER contaminated by app user contributions or manual inputs which can result in significant caloric and nutritional misinformation! 

The Balance Factor App focuses on burning fat while maintaining a healthy balance of macronutrients AND a sufficient caloric intake to keep your body properly fueled. The Balance Factor App shows you exactly how to do just that and our barcode scanner makes it easier than ever!  

Remember, the Balance Factor App is simply a tool to teach you how to eat to fuel and eat to burn fat and is not meant to be used forever. Once you get the hang of what foods and meals work for you, you won’t need to be tracking ever again! 

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