Q&A – Up My Calories and Burn Body Fat?

“I’ve lost weight in the past just by reducing my calories? Now the Balance Factor program suggests that I up my calories. How does this work?”

The Balance Factor:

Everyone loses weight initially when calories are lowered to less than what the body is used to consuming. Most of that weight comes from water loss or stored carbohydrates on the liver that are attached to a lot of water! (As a matter of fact, for every molecule of stored carbohydrate there is 3 molecules of water attached to it.)

As the person continues to diet, the body quickly adjusts its energy usage to meet the amount of calories it is being given. Enzymes that make all the processes in the body work, start to reduce and the body slows down to work at the new calorie level. Some of these enzymes are the ones responsible for oxidizing or burning body fat. Reducing your calories means reducing the body’s ability to burn body fat and this is where dieting back fires.

Here is where there is good news and bad news. The good news is that this enzymatic process is reversible. As the person increases their calories, the body increases the enzyme production as well. The bad news is that there is a delay period where the surplus of calories restores the energy source on the liver and muscles (a good thing) but with a weight gain from the water until the enzymes can catch up to the supply.

The Balance Factor program starts you eating the number of calories your body needs to prevent enzyme reduction but still have a good metabolism. Using those calories to maximize energy use and prevent storing is the first step to getting rid of that unwanted body fat, forever!

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