The Balance Factor Health Challenge

Organizing health and wellness programs is a challenge when diverse groups of people have individualized health goals.

Here’s a solution to boost the morale and energy in your group through a health-oriented challenge that will transform everyone’s view of healthy eating.

The Balance Factor App was designed to inspire EVERY person to improve their overall nutrition regardless of their eating preference, body type, genetic make-up, and/or health and wellness goals.  This free app has a built-in Health Challenge that automatically calculates Calories Burned as the participants track their meals and compete for a high score.

Here’s how the challenge works!

  1. Have each participant download The Balance Factor App from the app store on any Apple device. 
  2. The app sets up each user with an individualized Maintenance or Fat Burning Program.
  3. The Health Challenge coordinator chooses a start date to begin the challenge of building and tracking balanced meals* that meet each participant’s individual Caloric Goal.  Have your organization run a Maintenance Challenge and a Fat Burning Challenge.

Here’s how to declare a winner! 

The Balance Factor App awards points per Calories Burned** and for Days Exercised/Active. It deducts points for not meeting Caloric Goal!

  1. The Balance Factor Heart button (seen above the program menu bar) gets the user to a ‘Summary’ page on the ‘How Am I Doing’ screen.  Here the user will find a Challenge Score!
  2. Each week a winner is declared using the highest Challenge Score amongst the participants. This score is based on the first 3 measurable outcomes on the left side of the graph (Calories Burned, Days Exercised, Avg. Cals/Day)
  3. At the end of the 30-day to 90-day challenge period (using 30 day increments), the participant with the highest Challenge Score under the ‘Past 30 Days’ or ‘Past 90 Days’ column wins.
Tap Summary on the How Am I Doing Screen to access Challenge Score!

*The Balance Factor App encourages the user to make meals with a Balance Factor close to 0 or less.  This ensures the user is eating an adequate balance of the three macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins, and fats – to meet the government’s nutritional requirements. (See the section on Canada’s Food Guide)

**Calories Burned is similar to a FitBit step counter.  The app is calculating the deficit between calories eaten (Caloric Goal) and calories your body requires (Caloric Need) over a period of 7, 30, and 90 days.

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