How Do We Survive Without Holidays?

Everything in life serves a purpose, including the holidays.  Without them we may be tempted to just keep working.  Perhaps the holidays help us to keep everything in moderation by ensuring we balance both our work time with our play time. This would deem the holidays as essential.  With that in mind, the question is not,”How do we survive the holidays?”, but rather, “How do we survive without the holidays?”

Holidays are what bring family and friends together.  They energize us when work exhausts us.  They encourage us to be generous and teach us tolerance.  They remind us of what really matters in life.  When that special day comes and work is not a priority, it’s the people, the holiday spirit and the FOOD that bring our lives back into balance.  We cannot survive without the holidays.

Somehow we have become more concerned with resisting the temptation of holiday treats than surviving the financial burden of gift giving.  We try to deprive ourselves of something that fuels both our physical and emotional being when we should be embracing the fact that we actually have time to sit down and eat!  All food can be fuel and if we eat those treats with the right foods, we can replenish our depleted souls enough to make it to the next holiday.  An advent calendar is an excellent example of how to make the most of those holiday treats.  Each day up until Christmas Eve, there is something to savour while celebrating the season. These treats bring back fond memories of our childhood, and of loved ones who have gone before us all while nourishing our mind, body and soul.

This year, let the holidays do what they do best.  Have one treat a day to bring back the past.  Be aware of the present, and balance every sweet treat with fats and proteins to prevent those uncontrollable cravings.  Finally, know that the future holds another holiday right around the corner for you to replenish yourself again.  Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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