Fat Burning 101

Dieting is tough! Not only do we often fail at it, but more times than not, it leaves us in a worse situation than when we started.  Fat burning, on the other hand, is like training for a 5 km race.  Once the training period is over, the act of running (like fat burning) becomes second nature.

The first step to fat burning is knowing where to start.  One pound of fat is equal to approx. 3500 calories.  Therefore, reducing your calories by 500 each day for 7 days means you should burn 1 pound of fat a week.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way but if you eat approx. 500 calories less than you burn on a regular basis, it will help put the body in a fat burning state.

The start line is therefore, the number of calories the body burns each day minus 500 calories.  Don’t guess at what that number is…use the Balance Factor App.  It will tell you exactly how many calories your body requires (Caloric Need) and give you a Caloric Goal to aim at each day. This is the number of calories you need to reach daily to help you stay in a fat burning mode; anything less than that number and you might trigger a starvation mode that lowers your metabolism.

For some of you, that Caloric Goal will be more calories than you are used to eating.  Work up to that amount of food slowly.  Your metabolism has likely been sleeping and you are about to wake it up.  Eat whole foods, balance your carbohydrates with your fats and proteins, and be consistent with those calories.  If you have had an active day, add an extra 125 calories to your meal plan.  Keeping the body on an even keel, eating enough calories to stop cravings and snacking is the trick to sustaining a healthy eating style that becomes second nature.

Download the Balance Factor App from the Apple App store and get fat burning today. 

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