Chocolate Cake for Breakfast?

According to some of the greatest schools on Earth, anything goes!  This week the researchers at Tel Aviv University suggest “that eating [chocolate] cake regularly might just help a person to lose weight”.  Just for kicks, 4 the Luv of Food replaced the words ‘chocolate cake’ with the word ‘food’ to see how the article would read.  Here it is:

“As it turns out, science is now showing that, not only does [food] have benefits, you have no reason for guilt.  According to what they [UNYSyracuse researchers] learned, [food] has a positive effect on cognitive performance and if you eat it regularly, it can improve your memory and abstract thinking.   At the Tel Aviv University….when they ate [food] every morning, it help[ed] them to work.  When you eat [food] later in the day, the body is more likely to save it as fat reserves.”

It seems that ANY food for breakfast would be more beneficial than loading up on calories late in the day when the heavy work is already done.  Why not fill your tank before starting out on a day’s journey?  Too often we are getting through the day on fumes only to eat late at night when the body has no choice but to store the fuel.

So what is 4 the Luv of Food’s verdict on eating chocolate cake for breakfast? –> “Why not!?!” 

Cocoa is full of polyphenols which are naturally occurring antioxidants.  Eggs, butter, milk, flour and sugar are all ingredients shared in other breakfast foods like pancakes, French toast, and waffles.  What you eat and what time you have your breakfast is less important than making sure you get enough calories in to support your day’s work.  So go ahead and enjoy chocolate cake for breakfast!  Just make sure that it’s homemade and balanced – and that it’s not store-bought, from a mix or topped with gobs of icing.

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