Who Declared War Against Meat?


Canada’s so-called ‘Protein War’ is the latest nutrition-related headline trending across the country.  Apparently, we are at war with ourselves over how much meat we are eating.  And yet, there is no guidance or definition on how much meat is too much.  A research team from Dalhousie University states that Canadians are considering reducing the amount of meat in their diets in hopes of a healthier life without it.  The question that comes to mind is simply, “Who declared war against meat?”.

Health Canada, on the edge of launching the new food guide, has suggested a shift towards a more plant-based diet without necessarily excluding animal foods.  Nowhere in that statement does it suggest that meat is an enemy.  If anything, Health Canada is acknowledging the vegetarian/vegan diet as one example of a healthy diet.  Moreover it is supporting the ecological shift towards taking better care of the Earth and our animals, and is showing Canada’s true nature – diversity with inclusivity.

We are a country of many cultures and ethnicities.  We cannot possibly demonize meat when it is present in most traditional diets.  Deciding to reduce the amount of meat consumed is an individual choice.  Following the latest trend without witnessing positive results and sustainability is just ‘drinking the cool aid’.  Get a variety of whole foods in your diet, avoid the ones that make you feel sick, and continue to eat the ones that energize you.  Protein comes in many shapes and forms.  The food guide suggests 10-35% of your calories should come from protein.  You decide how you are going to meet those nutritional requirements.

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