The Instant Gratification Paradox – (Part One)

Instant gratification is a powerful force. It’s often the reason why we achieve our goals. But what happens when the gratification we are getting is taking us down the wrong road?

Weight loss can be a perfect example of this. When we want to reduce our size, we look to weight loss for reassurance that we are doing the right thing. If the scales drop, we are instantly gratified and we keep going with whatever it is that is lowering our weight.

Then the weight loss stops. When the weight loss stops, so does the instant gratification. When the instant gratification stops, anxiety and tension set in. We didn’t fail our diet, we just failed to identify the true result of our efforts – the one that will continuously give us instant gratification that we are going in the right direction.

When it comes to managing our weight better, the #1 result to look for is actually #2 – the instant gratification defecation. Nothing responds faster to healthier eating than our bowels.

When our bodies get the right amount of calories and the proper ratio of macronutrients, our bowels get rid of what our bodies don’t need. When we don’t eat properly, our bowels get over crowded, and they start to over absorb, and over digest the food we’ve consumed.

So if we want to know if our diet is working, we need to look for the instant gratification defecation. It should be comfortable, regular, solid, and significant in size to know that our bodies are only taking what it needs. It’s also one of the few ways that we can remove the build-up of toxins our bodies store in our fat cells.

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