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This café is for you to get your fill of nutritional information.    We share recipes, meal plans, free apps, blogs, videos on health, hints and tips on Canada’s food guide, and of course, the science behind the Balance Factor. Tap ‘Home’ to get to the main screen or tap any of the categories in the menu bar to see what 4 the Luv of Food Café is serving up.

Each menu board is specific to your needs.

  1. 4 the Luv of Food has your meal plans, “cheftovers”, recipes, and economical, seasonal meal ideas.
  2. 4 the Luv of Health has your blogs on nutrition and health, access to your free Apps, tips on how the body works and the cheat sheet on Canada’s food guide.
  3. 4 the Luv of Sharing has Q&A, Articles, Resources (ex. videos) and the amazing Balance Factor!

Visit the café’s library to access all the information on one page.

Grab a tea, coffee or your favourite drink and cozy up to 4 the Luv of Food’s Café.  “May the light bulb go off in your head” when you realize this website is all about you! *

*Shannon:  For years I have met interested people in café’s, ordered caramel macchiatos, and watched the light bulb go off in their heads when I explained to the them the Balance Factor.  It’s a moment I enjoy more than anything.  On numerous occasions, I have been followed into the café’s bathroom by someone sitting at a table next to me wondering if I had a website where they could find that information.  Well, here it is folks, your online café where the conversation around the Balance Factor, food, and health never ends!

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